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Writing is an art and a journey. The road is long and winding. As a new writer, I've needed an editor to do more than line read. I've needed guidance in the structure of the cozy mystery. I've needed to learn how to write purposeful narrative and pace the plot more profoundly. I've needed to expand using more subplots, going beyond the linear plot line. Rebecca Grubb has guided me through structure, plot, sub-plot, pace, and all the line edits to boot. She's dedicated her time to polish my manuscript to make it the best it can be while simultaneously making me a better writer. I look forward to each new journey we take together to see my growth as I continue to learn from her. 

-Jodi Rath

Author of The Cast Iron Skillet Mystery Series

Owner of MYS ED LLC.

Why do writers need editors?

Writing is a passionate calling. Once writers pour their entire beings into their stories, it is difficult to step back enough to recognize elements that need to be adjusted.  When the writer is also the reader, eyes tend to skip over spelling and grammar errors or fill in a word or even a gap in the plot or vital description of a character or place.


Writers need a second set of eyes on their manuscript, preferably someone who is adept at grammar, mechanics, story structure, and the elements of writing. 


Editors can correct grammar and mechanics errors, tweak word choice, smooth out awkward sentence structure, and clarify meaning. Editors can help rearrange the fabric of a story to improve pacing, increase tension, avoid reader confusion, and tighten and align the plotline.  

Why do writers need writing coaches?

Writing coaches can help unlock that story that is waiting inside a potential writer's mind. A writing coach can get a first-time writer started on their dream project or help a seasoned writer who is stuck on their latest effort. The coach is there to help the writer consider the structure, audience, purpose, and tone. Coach and writer can collaborate on the projected completion schedule, possible research, and major plot points. Once a manuscript has been drafted, the writing coach can look over it and guide the writer toward changes and improvements. 

Writing coaches can jumpstart writing and provide essential motivation and guidance.


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