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Rebecca Grubb is a brilliant editor. She has a thoughtful approach to each text and strives to align her edits within the text's genre and the goals of the author. Her content edits have helped me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my own writing. Her line edits have helped me to see patterns of mistakes and address them. In addition to correcting errors, she explains the different options and implications of more particular grammar issues, so I can make the best determination. Working with Rebecca has helped me get closer to my creative intentions and given me the confidence that I'm putting my best work forward. I won't send anything out that she hasn't looked over.

Robert Colby, Ph.D.

Academic writer and memoirist

Rebecca Grubb, fiction and creative non-fiction editor and writing coach

Once upon a time, a friend was looking for people to informally beta read and critique one of her manuscripts. I  volunteered,  and, well, may have gone a wee bit overboard with it. She told me I had a knack for editing, and the rest is history.

Because I can’t resist a plot arc, I am an editor and writing coach of both fiction and creative non-fiction. My favorite genre to read and write is science fiction, and I love humorous writing.


I acquired my master’s degree in English education from Wright State University, and nine years of experience teaching high school English. This translates to nine years of editing hundreds upon hundreds of stories, essays, poems, and speeches, as well as discussing and analyzing classic, modern, and world literature: breaking down plot, characterization, setting, themes, and dialogue on a daily basis. I have nine years of experience teaching grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary, and nine years of experience teaching writing.  Transitioning from teaching language arts to freelance editing and writing coaching was a natural one.

I completed a course at Columbus State called The Keys to Effective Editing, taught by Jacquelyn Landis. Additionally, I routinely utilize a network of skilled writers and editors.

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